A few great reviews of our wonderful production of Don Giovanni with Opera Neo Festival in San Diego

San Diego Story
Impressive Opera NEO Production Brings Mozart Up to Date

By Ken Herman, August 16, 2016

“While there are certainly many ways to play the title character, Bernardo Bermudez’s take on the rake proved more nuanced than most. For example, in the early scenes Bermudez wooed the young peasant girl Zerlina with genuine affection and the dulcet edge of his ample baritone, rather than the thinly disguised predatory deception of many Don Giovannis. He cajoled his exasperated servant Leporello, played with unusual sophistication by Christopher Edwards, more with camaraderie than with sheer command and bluster. On the other hand, Bermudez summoned chilling menace and a gruff vocal edge to his “Fin ch’han dal vino” aria, in which he aticipates more conquests as his party guests dance and imbibe freely. Bermudez gave his character range and credibility, in spite of the Don’s monochromatic reputation.”



San Diego Reader
The Don(ald) Giovanni Don Giovanni abuser of power at Opera Neo

By Garrett Harris, August 14, 2016

“Bernardo Bermudez, in the title role, gave us a deliciously degenerate Don. Bermudez did not shy away from Don’s more lecherous moments but gave us a full helping.”



San Diego Union Tribune
Don Juan goes to Washington Opera Neo’s ‘Don Giovanni’ takes the famed womanizer to the U.S. capital

By Catherine Gaugh, August 10, 2016

“The musicians and the singers have all participated in Opera Neo’s yearly summer festival workshop, which offers training, coaching and a chance to perform real-time roles. Bernardo Bermudez, who has the title role in “Don Giovanni,” first sang for the company in summer 2013.

Bermudez is, Kozma said, “the ideal Don Giovanni.”

“He has that Latin charm, and he is so good-looking and playful,” he added. “And he sings very beautifully.”