What wonderful experience, to be part of this cast.  Pacific Lyric Association is by far one of the best and most professional companies I have had the pleasure of working for, they have done an amazing job in all aspects of the production.   Starting with Carlos Oliva, the artistic executive Director, and his wife Teresa Hughes-Oliva, both of them have the biggest Heart in the world, they are kind, generous and on top of it very professional.  The general director Gabriel Oliva along with the musical director and conductor Damian Berdakin, are both extremely committed to their art and their vision of expressing to its fullest Moreno Torroba’s music and theatrical intentions.  The rest of the staff including Angelica Estevez the stage manager and the choreographer Lindsay Martin, have done a marvelous job in making the production come alive.  The set design, the costumes and wardrobe, rival those of big and established opera companies with millions of dollars in their yearly budget (did I mention PLA is a Non-Profit).  The best part of this experience was having the pleasure of working with this cast, they are all amazingly talented.  The chorus was fantastic, their voices are powerful, with perfect Spanish diction, and they are all very talented actors and dancers, they do it all.   The leads were all outstanding as well, no Divas here. They are all kind, and very professional.  Here are some pictures of the production, more to come in the future.